Thursday, March 31, 2011


 It's Opening Day here!!!! Gotta love the StL Cardinals!!! Woot!! I'm hoping we'll make it to the World Series this year! 

It's nuts around here. It should be a holiday in this city. I wish I was downtown where all the action is.  They have had coverage going since 4:30am today. Is anyone else's city like this? 

I'm loving it, for now, lol. Probably not so much in a month or 2 when I'm a Baseball Widow. I'm a football and hockey widow, too. Football is the worst. lol. (when it comes to losing the hubby for those months...)

Anyway, I just hurried up and made some cuppycakes for the boys for when they get home from school. I hope they like them.

ETA: Sorry, I lost a ton of pictures on my computer. Guess I need to remake a few things to get the pics back  up. ;)

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