Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm sitting here stalking reading blogs while drinking my 2pt Caramel Via Sbux... I need to finish painting the loft since I started that yesterday. I decided to stick with the Soft Suede from Glidden. I'm also going to use the Leather Brown, somehow.

It's time for the trim part and I HATE heights. I don't want to drag that ladder upstairs and get on it. I have 9 foot ceilings which kinda stinks at times. Well, really only when I'm painting or need to do something that requires a ladder, like changing a light bulb. lol
 This is going up the stairs (on one side)

 See that light? Yeah, the lightbulbs have burnt out a few times and we've been here 6 months. It sucks. I make DH get on a ladder and I have to hold it... That ceiling is way higher than 9 ft. That's where the "landing" is. (We have a T stair case)
This is a pic of when we moved in, it has since been drawn on. I wish I could upload that pic... lol. Lots of bright pink marker, since you know, that is baby girl's favorite color. *sigh*
That's kind of a crappy shot of the loft. When it's done, I will give you a better shot.

Anyway, the 2 older boys are with their dad fishing so I have a bit of peace (no fighting) right now. Ahhhhhh

Alright, time to finish reading a bit and then off to do the trim. BLECH.

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