Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

So today is day 3 of eating clean and working out. I feel MUCH better since being back at the gym. OMJ. It's amazing the endorphins that I get from working out. I also didn't realize my mood swings were so bad when I DON'T go to the gym.  I have been having some major light headed episodes. I GOOGLED and figured out that I am probably dehydrated. I need to start drinking more, obviously. Oh, no, not THAT kind of drinking. HA! More water.

Ash Wednesday....the start of Lent. I am proud to say that yesterday was NO Fat Tuesday for me. :) I'm going to try and make it to the gym 5 days a week. That is my goal. I am also going to try and stay within my WW points for the next 40 days. I figure after 40 days it should be a habit so... see? I'm thinking ahead and planning for it! lol.

I have been reading quite a few blogs lately and my creative juices are FUH LOWING! I wish the Money Tree was, too. I know I can decorate fairly cheaply, where it looks good, but sometimes other things come up and I have to realize that we have only been in this house since September. That's only 6 months. SIX MONTHS? Wow. It has flown. Anyway, I know it can take years for people to "finish" their home. I'm just an obsessive freak over it.... I'd rather decorate than fold clothes and put them away. lol. I'm sure there are plenty of others out there in blog world like that, too.

Now, to figure out what's for dinner.... I think maybe some Enchiladas for the kids and hubby. I can probably eat one, too, I have to go check the points. I will post the recipe later, maybe.

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