Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weight Watchers

I'm not sure if I should make a separate blog for my weight issues or just stick with this one....

For right now, I think I will stick with this one. Although, a weight loss blog would probably get more attention! Ha!!

I went to WW on Tuesday and weighed in with them for the first time since I joined (at the end of November!). I am down 5.2 lbs according to their scale. This was after all day of eating etc. Next time I am going to weigh in in the morning! lol. Although, I guess in the end it doesn't REALLY matter.I did stick around for a meeting, which I have NEVER gone to, either. I'm not sure I like the group on Tuesday nights so I may have to switch to a different one. This was an older crowd and I was the youngest by quite a few years. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't know that we are all going to relate since I have young kids and they don't any longer, etc. Plus, when the leader mentioned a 5k, they were all rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. They weren't interested. lol. I am though.

I know I haven't drank enough water or anything else for that matter. I did NOT get my liquids in yesterday. :( fail. So I am working really hard on that today.

The weather has been CRAPPY. I feel so bad for my fellow Missourians down in Joplin. Sedalia also got hit. My FIL's house down there was missed by 8miles. While that seems like a lot, it really isn't considering some of these tornados have been 1 mile wide!  Best wishes to everyone who has been hit with the bad weather.

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

I did this about 2 weeks ago and just haven't gotten around to posting them...Here are a few things I did.

 I also wrote a little note from the kids that said,

"Here are some nuts for the days I drove you nutty.
Here are some Hershey's kisses, for the days I was oh so sweet."

and I put that inside. I gave my 1st grader's teacher a GC to Starbucks and my Kindergartner insisted on buying his teacher's 2 dogs each a toy. So, we did that, too. The K teacher LOVED it. She sent me an email and a note home saying how she loves that the kids love her dogs as much as she does. She was thrilled.

I figured that the could always share the nuts and the kisses with someone else or if they had a get together at their own houses. Sometimes you are looking for that last little snack to put out and it's nice when you find something like that that you can use.

It wasn't a HUGE deal, but it still cost about $20 for each teacher when all was said and done.

Monday, May 16, 2011

ahhh Monday

For once I am glad the weekend is over. You will RARELY ever hear me say that. lol. It was just one of those weekends, ya know?

This morning we hit the Dentist's office. This is the first of 5 appts Connor has to have. He had to get a cap today... :( We have great dental insurance, but unfortunately, the Pediatric providers that are IN NETWORK are few and far between. There are THREE. THREE Pediatric Dentists in our plan. 1 retired and the other one...well, Let's just say that their office is NOT friendly. Financially or personally.  I will leave it at that. So needless to say, we drive 40 mins to get to one that is OUT of Network, and we pay MORE, but whom my kids LOVE. That means a lot when they have to be in there a lot. Anyway, today's appt went well and Connor was quite mellow and his pupils were huge...gotta love the nitrous. ;)

The sun is shining and the temp is in the 60's! It's so nice to see sun and not rain. Today I am going to finish painting the trim. Yes, yes, I know, I know, I've said that a few times now. But really, I am going to do it today. lol.

I want to be able to post the "finished" pics. Although, there won't be any decorations/decor on the walls...they will look bare, but oh well! Tomorrow night I'm going to a get together with some of my Mommy friends and I will put some pics together then. ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HOT Tuesday

Goodness! It's like 90 degrees and the humidity is HORRIBLE. We went from frost advisories last week to this! lol.

My house is almost back in order as I spent 5 straight hours putting laundry and toys away, dressers together, vaccuuming, etc. I am beat. COMPLETELY beat. I am ready for Biggest Loser to come on and I'm going to plop myself down and watch it. lol. THEN I will take a shower. *sigh*

I'm a bit excited that things are looking better here so I can finish a few projects that I started but haven't completed. (As in the trim in my foyer and some pics I need to hang) lol

I have planted a few flowers though. I did some Lillies and some Hyacinths, as well as some Peonies. :)

Like these Peonies.

I hope that they bloom soon...we shall see.
Hopefully I am back tomorrow with some new updates and new projects being posted!!!

On a good note, I have lost 5lbs since last week!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOO! I am VERY happy!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Just a quickie...

We did a ton of running around today. Went to the produce market (LOVE that place), went to the Dr for Victoria. Turns out it was a contact dermatitis reaction she had. Apparently my daughter's beautiful face does not like Dora's lovely chapstick. That kind of stinks, so needless to say, I had to throw it all away when she FINALLY let go of her purse, etc. :( Poor baby girl, she's devastated.

We went to lunch (the younger 2 kids and Hubby and I) at a Cajun place. I was NOT impressed and I like spicy food.

Tomorrow Connor has his 5 yo check up since we missed the last one.... so 2 days in a row of seeing their Ped. I'm sure he will be thrilled. lol. Actually, he's a great guy. We are really lucky to have found a great Ped out here. Tomorrow is also our 8 yr wedding anniversary!!! I can't believe it! It's so weird. Some days have flown by and others, NOT SO MUCH. lol.

It's been a crazy day. We also stopped by the Meat market and Hubby picked up some steaks for us. We NEVER eat steak. It's SO expensive and when we do have it, the kids CHOW down. lol.

I have to go, but I promise, more projects coming soon!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Funday

I was laughing so hard in this pic! Can't you tell?

Gosh, I feel like it's been so long since I've been here. Actually, I think it's because I haven't posted any "major" projects lately. Saturday I spent a good 3.5 hrs catching up on laundry. You should see my living/family room. I have 5 buckets of folded laundry sitting there. I was so exhausted Saturday night I didn't take them upstairs.

Then today we did some FAMILY pics. Can you believe it? It's been 4 years since we've done them. So my poor little girl hasn't even ever had a "professional" pic done! To think I used to take my oldest in almost every month! lol. Boy does that change. I can't wait to share them. Alright....I guess I can share 2. My friend Tiffany is the photographer. She's trying to build her portfolio so she's taking pics of some of us in our Mom's Group. (check out her blog--she's just getting started)

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get ALL 6 of us to look at the same time and then for all of us to smile? lol. I'm sure there are more, but she's only shown me these 2 pics so far.... I'm anxiously waiting. I'm not very patient!! lol.

Agenda for tomorrow: Take DD to the Dr. I think she has impetigo on her face. LOVELY. Thank you Strep for continuing to stay in our house...I was googling how to get rid of it and came across the fact that it's a Step strain. BLAH. Not good. Hopefully the Ped will give us some antibiotics! (Tiffany did such a good job, she got rid of the impetigo on this pic) yay!

I also have all of the laundry to put away and I have to go drop off payments for bills. Yuck. It's so hard sometimes to watch all of that money go out the window....I would REALLY like to use it on a few vacations. Just Disney World for the kids, Alaska for the hubby and my dad, and then Hawaii for me and my bestie! lol.

I hope that you are going to have a much better Manic Monday than I will!! If anyone has any fantastic cures for impetigo, let me know. :)