House Pics Before

Dining Room
Alright, so our BIG project right now has been painting, decorating, unpacking, etc our house that we bought in Sept 2010. It's 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths.

T Staircase

Kitchen/Breakfast area

Front Door

Den/Computer Room

The Damn Loft Wall which causes me grief

The landing part of the Tstairs

One of the kids' bedrooms

Part of our loft from our bedroom

Family Room

Loft again

Master Bedroom

Our bath!!!

Love my sinks!!

The view from the tub that makes me nauseated!

The view from the window in the loft

The basement

The full bath in the basement

So there ya have it. Well, most of it anyway. I didn't do the garage, laundry room, storage area, etc etc. Some pics are better than others, too. lol. Lots of work to be done with painting and furniture etc.

I promise you, a lot of the rooms are bigger than they actually look. :) I know that pic of our bedroom looks small, but it really isn't. It's about 22x14 or something along those lines. The Den is 15x15...and so on. But the pics don't do them justice.

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