Sunday, January 23, 2011

This past week

Let's see...I did the Valentine garland. Which was easy enough. Just time consuming.
I also made a Valentine Wreath. I think it kinda resembles a funeral wreath, unfortunately. lol!
 Started wtih a $5 heart wreath from Michael's.
 Glued some old roses and baby's breath I had around the house....
Now all I have to do is take some of my ribbon and hang it up!
I also did Playdough Cookies with the kids this week. They LOVED them. I will post another blog on that with the recipe. ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Garland and Painting!

So the kids have been off of school since Tuesday because of the snow we got. Our schedules are completely thrown off. :( They went back to school today, but will be off again tomorrow and Monday! I almost wish they would've kept them out today anyway.

I have been soda free for about a week now, I think. That's HUGE for me. I've stuck to drinking tea, water, lemonade (Crystal Light) of course.

I made a Valentine Garland, but ran out of ribbon, so my garland isn't as long as I'd like. I just bought some more though at 50% off at Michaels'. That thing took me almost 4 hours to do. It's kind of tedious. lol. I love how it turned out!!!  I got the idea while I was at Michaels. I took some different colored/patterned "Valentine" ribbons and cut them into about 4 inch long pieces.

I bought some red cording and made that about 6 feet long, with 2 pieces of it together. You tie the ribbon with both pieces of cording together. At the end of the cording I made a loop so it was easy to "hang" or hook onto my fireplace.

I then took the ribbon and just tied them piece by piece in somewhat of a pattern and then would add a heart "ornament" every so often.
I have gotten so many compliments on this from FB friends, etc. I am working on an Easter one right now. I'm skipping St Patty's Day until Michaels' has that ribbon marked down! lol.

I need to get to work on my Kissing Balls this weekend. 

The kids went back to school this morning. I painted the den! lol. I ran out of paint for the trim at the top of the walls and I need to do a second coat. In a little bit I am going to go to Home Depot to get more of my CRISP AUTUMN LEAVES by Glidden for the den/living room. I love the color. When it's complete, I will take a pic of that as well. oooh here is a preview....

I have my Soft Suede for the Main Bath. I'm not sure how much I like it though. Maybe when it's a finished product I will be more in love. lol. I painted the foyer (and soon the loft will be this color, too) a Toffee Crunch by Behr. Behr is NOT my favorite paint product, I have to be honest. I think my favorite is actually Glidden. I used Glidden in my kitchen and dining room, too. It's a decent price and it's coverage is great, IMO.

Alright, off to do the bathroom.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm setting some goals for myself this year. NOT resolutions.


1. To do cardio 3x a week (at least) 
2. To lose 50 lbs. (at least)
3. To be the best mom I can be.
4. To be the best wife I can be. 
5. To eat healthier and drink more water.
6. To complete a 5k.
7. Think before I eat.
8. Use FLYLady more often! lol
9. To put more money into savings
10. be able to bench press 120# (which is 40lbs more than I do now)