Getting to know me

I'm a SAHM of 4 kids. We also have 2 babies in heaven watching over us. We have NO pets! I have kids, a house, a husband and other "relatives" that require full-time attention! lol. Besides, I am done with potty-training, etc and I don't want to go through that again with a puppy. Plus, H (our oldest) is allergic to most dogs.

I LOVE to decorate and create, but sometimes the funds just aren't there. Hello! We're raising four kids. lol. Anyway, life is good. I have a beautiful family, a beautiful home and lots of hope and faith for our futures. (hence the Faith, Family, Hope and Love name) My other half, puts up with my half done projects, my quirkiness when it comes to starting projects at 11pm at night, my mood swings (hello, I AM a woman with hormones, I may not be pregnant but...) and he accepts it all.

The title of my blog?
 Faith, Family, Hope and Love are grown here. That's what I want to give my children. I want to instill "faith" in them whether it's being Catholic or having faith in themselves. I am growing a Family here. I also want them to know HOPE, that there is always HOPE even among the worst of times. Love, well, Unconditional LOVE is most of all what I want them to know. It's something that I got from my family (the ones who adopted us), not from our Bio Fam. I want my kids to know all of it. I'm really lucky to be able to be at home with them and am extremely grateful to my husband for that.

You want more?

I like to read, I LOVE music, I like to be crafty. I am a Gemini and therefore have many personalities. lol I change my mind a lot and that means my decor changes, too! :) I love The Notebook, Gone With the Wind, Wedding Crashers, Hot Tub Time Machine, and a few others. ;) I used to scrapbook, A LOT. Now all of my stuff is sitting in piles, not being used.

That's a bit about me, to get you started anyway! Please follow my blog and leave comments, if you like. I am always up for ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc.