Monday, May 16, 2011

ahhh Monday

For once I am glad the weekend is over. You will RARELY ever hear me say that. lol. It was just one of those weekends, ya know?

This morning we hit the Dentist's office. This is the first of 5 appts Connor has to have. He had to get a cap today... :( We have great dental insurance, but unfortunately, the Pediatric providers that are IN NETWORK are few and far between. There are THREE. THREE Pediatric Dentists in our plan. 1 retired and the other one...well, Let's just say that their office is NOT friendly. Financially or personally.  I will leave it at that. So needless to say, we drive 40 mins to get to one that is OUT of Network, and we pay MORE, but whom my kids LOVE. That means a lot when they have to be in there a lot. Anyway, today's appt went well and Connor was quite mellow and his pupils were huge...gotta love the nitrous. ;)

The sun is shining and the temp is in the 60's! It's so nice to see sun and not rain. Today I am going to finish painting the trim. Yes, yes, I know, I know, I've said that a few times now. But really, I am going to do it today. lol.

I want to be able to post the "finished" pics. Although, there won't be any decorations/decor on the walls...they will look bare, but oh well! Tomorrow night I'm going to a get together with some of my Mommy friends and I will put some pics together then. ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday!

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Kristen said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. The idea of pumpkin or chocolate gooey cake is making me drool. I hope you post them soon!