Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weight Watchers

I'm not sure if I should make a separate blog for my weight issues or just stick with this one....

For right now, I think I will stick with this one. Although, a weight loss blog would probably get more attention! Ha!!

I went to WW on Tuesday and weighed in with them for the first time since I joined (at the end of November!). I am down 5.2 lbs according to their scale. This was after all day of eating etc. Next time I am going to weigh in in the morning! lol. Although, I guess in the end it doesn't REALLY matter.I did stick around for a meeting, which I have NEVER gone to, either. I'm not sure I like the group on Tuesday nights so I may have to switch to a different one. This was an older crowd and I was the youngest by quite a few years. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't know that we are all going to relate since I have young kids and they don't any longer, etc. Plus, when the leader mentioned a 5k, they were all rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. They weren't interested. lol. I am though.

I know I haven't drank enough water or anything else for that matter. I did NOT get my liquids in yesterday. :( fail. So I am working really hard on that today.

The weather has been CRAPPY. I feel so bad for my fellow Missourians down in Joplin. Sedalia also got hit. My FIL's house down there was missed by 8miles. While that seems like a lot, it really isn't considering some of these tornados have been 1 mile wide!  Best wishes to everyone who has been hit with the bad weather.

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