Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weigh in #2

Alright, so I weighed in on Tuesday morning.....drumroll please...... down 3.8 lbs!!!! Not too shabby!!! I am thrilled! Of course, I think I probably ruined it all today so I have to be really careful for the rest of the week. It's too bad because Saturday we have a graduation party to go to and I KNOW there's going to be tons of food.

I'm really happy with the WL though, so I need to keep this momentum going.

The kids last day of school was today! Unreal how fast it flew by. I think Troy is a bit nervous about being on break for so long. Who knew? lol. He's come quite a ways since the beginning of school. He's definitely matured. He was so loving and full of hugs today. It's so nice when they are like that. lol.

I'm signed up for the Race for the Cure for St. Louis (on June 11th). I am VERY excited to actually be able to go this year instead of like the last 3 where I paid and wasn't able to go. :( My mom and dad are taking the kids the night before and I plan on going on a "date" with my husband that night. Early the next morning when he goes to work, I'm going to go pick my BFF up and we are going to head downtown for the race. I'm not running this year though. Maybe next. That's a goal, for sure. :)

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