Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Family Fun

Today we are going to a graduation party/welcome back party. I'm excited to be around some of these family members as we ALWAYS have a good time with them. I can't wait just to relax and have a beer or glass of wine while the kids are playing...and the best part is....Hubby gets to leave work ON TIME!!!

:::::::::::::::::insert clapping::::::::::::::::::::::

Yesterday he worked 17 hrs. Yes, you read that right. SEVENTEEN HOURS. He came home, ate dinner and literally was in bed 22 mins later and got 6 hrs of sleep before he had to be up again. I couldn't sleep for some reason last night so when 2am hit, I woke him up and I went to sleep around 3:15 am. Only to be up again at 7:15am. BLECH. I'm exhausted. YAWN.

 I'm sure I will be back later and post a pic or 2 of the shindig. It's going to be a hot one here. 97 degrees. What the heck? I'm praying no one's AC gives out. This whole week is a week of 90 degree plus temps. YIKES. I'm glad I bought sunscreen the other day. Thankfully it seems that my 5 year old has grown out of his sunscreen allergy, too!

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