Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life...fires...toes missing....

I am way behind on what I have wanted to post about on here. My FIL was in the hospital for about 10 days and we were all a bit freaked out. He is a diabetic and one of his toes was REALLY bad. As in, he went and saw 2 Drs on 2 consecutive days and each one of them said get to the hospital--NOW. Of course, one was his podiatrist, which pissed us completely off. This guy is a quack. I won't go into that on here, though. All I am going to say is that he let my FIL's toe go for a LONG time. About 5 weeks. Needless to say my FIL had to have IV antibiotics for a few days before they would even consider taking it off. I'd post a pic, but it's pretty graphic and I think people would not be happy. lol.

So he and MIL are in town recooping and their neighbor's house here caught on fire. It also got my FIL's house.

I feel really bad for them. Thank God they got out and got the dogs out, too. Geesh. So much going on. He was talking about having his gallbladder out before he went into the hospital. Then when he gets there, they say definitely his toe. Then he thought he gave himself another hernia (making it number 3) and he actually ripped a muscle in his stomach. He also thought he needed heart surgery again. The Dr supposedly told him that one of his valves doesn't sound right. Apparently that may come later this year. He's had heart surgery (a 7 bipass) about 3 years ago...Can you see why we are all a bit out of whack right now???? lol.

My husband is working 12 plus hour days and the kids are going nuts at home. I am going nuts, too. They don't seem to want to do anything and I NEED them to go outside and play, etc. lol. The temps are heading back up into the 90s this week so I am sure there will be heat warnings. BLECH.

I started painting our bedroom last week....I can't wait to finish the trim so I can post some pictures!!! :) You know how I love doing trim. NOT. lol.

Alright, it's 1:15am and I had better get to bed! 'night.

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Kristen said...

My sister in law lost the whole top of her foot because she let an abscess go too long. It is nothing to fool around with. I can totally see why you are upset with that podiatrist. Hope his recovery goes well.