Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday!

 My parents are taking the kids overnight tonight so that tomorrow I can go to the Race for the Cure. WOOT! John and I have been in this house for 10 months and have yet to have the house to ourselves overnight. I am so excited. I'm sure we will eat dinner and then go lay in bed and fall asleep EARLY. lol. We are adventurous!

Here's a look at the back of the shirt.

Cornbread is a local radio station guy who is AWESOME. We have THE BIGGEST TEAM! It's over 7600 people this year. It's hard to believe when StL started this like 10 years ago that his team was like 1k people. Every year it grows larger and larger.

I have to go get the oil changed today, which I'm not looking forward to because I will have to take all 4 kids with me. YIKES. It's a good thing (and a bad thing) that Walmart does Oil Changes. lol. I'm probably going to end up spending too much money there! Eeek.

The Tooth Fairy visited Troy last night. He let me pull his snaggletooth out yesterday. Yes, I bribed him with a chocolate candy bar...well, his tooth was coming in underneath the baby tooth and it was pushing that one onto his other baby tooth. It was rubbing on it and it looked like there was a cavity there but I think it was from rubbing. It's been months since his tooth has been loose. That trooper of mine let me pull it out yesterday! So he got a candy bar. AND the Tooth Fairy left him TWO dollars. :)

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