Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Balancing Act

Life is about balancing everything...I'm trying to balance the kids, housework, myself, etc and some days it's overwhelming. I am trying to lose this extra weight I've had for 8 years now...Gosh that's hard to read and write! YIKES.

I have some fantastic kids and a great husband. He works really hard to make sure that I can stay home and raise the kids. I'm very fortunate. Very. We've had our hard times (financially) and we are FINALLY out on top. I can say that a lot of our progress has been helped by That website was a lifesaver for us.

I'm feeling a bit scattered lately with trying to keep track of the 2 older boys' school stuff and what's due when etc. I need to develop a better system as this Fall, 3 of them will be in school. I will only have one at home!!!! I'm hoping that will give me a chance to better keep up with the housework. lol.

I don't know how some of these moms do this. I have tons of laundry in the other room that needs to be folded and put away....I HATE that job. Hate it. I have a dresser out in the garage that needs to be finished. I started to strip it before school started and never finished. I'm waiting for some good weather days when I can pull it back outside on the driveway and finish it off! I've got a room that I need to finish painting the trim at the top of the walls. (I am NOT good with heights. I get nauseated) The ceilings are 9 ft...that's 3.5 feet taller than me. lol. blech. It also means I need a ladder and I would have to climb on that ladder. *pukey smiley*

The kids are on break starting Friday so hopefully I can "re-organize" or get situated again. Today I am balancing taking the kids to school, laundry, the gym with my trainer, the Direct TV guy, lunch, picking the kids up, making dinner, and homework stuff. Just a few things that come to my mind right away.

I'd really like to finish painting my foyer and loft. Did I mention that I repainted the foyer? lol. I liked the Toffee Crunch, but it was pretty dark. I switched to Soft Suede, another pretty color from Glidden. I'm also using Leather Brown by Glidden for parts of those walls...I was up til 2am the other night painting. It's hard to do it during the day. Once the 2 older boys get home, it's like a whirlwind of activity that doesn't stop until 9pm.

Anyway, off to "balance" everything. Or JUGGLE. lol.

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