Sunday, March 13, 2011

Strep Sunday

Our oldest was complaining of headaches for a few days last week. I chalked it up to allergies. We made sure to give him his meds for those and some Motrin. Friday he said his throat hurt. mmm ok, well, we've been passing some viruses around this house for a few weeks. I hate viruses. Saturday he woke up and was sick, so I gave him his allergy meds and some Motrin. 20 mins later he walked by and I could see a rash sticking out underneath his shirt. He was covered head to toe. (in ALL SPOTS) I freaked and called the Med Exchange thinking he was having an allergic reaction and I knew I couldn't give him any Benny (Benadryl) since he just had his Zyrtec. The Dr said he figured it was from the "virus". (Have I mentioned how I hate "Viruses"?) So I was less worried now.

This morning I woke up and he showed me his arm. It has a petichiae looking rash on it, from his elbow to his wrist. I know what Petichiae are as my daughter has had this TWICE. (last week we went for blood work on her) I get him in the shower so we can head to the UC (urgent care). The Dr there was so old, he was shaking! All of a sudden, OS's headache and sore throat etc was "gone". OS is a nervous kid when it comes to Drs. He's worried about getting shots and stuff so I have to constantly reassure him there will be no shots. (when I know there won't be)

They did a strep test and that thing came back POSITIVE. I am glad I took him as the poor kid is probably feeling worse than he's letting on. No real fever of any sorts, just the pounding head and sore throat. He says it feels like when he's swallowing, something is stuck in his throat. Yesterday I looked in his throat to see if I could see the famous white spots and there were none.

But at least OS has some Amox now to help him. Unfortunately he is contagious for another 24 hours. We are keeping him in our room away from the other 3 kids. Although, at this point, I wonder how much actual good that is going to do considering the 3 boys fell asleep in our bed last night together. lol. It is so hard to keep them separate as OS and 2nd OS are like twins and have to do EVERYTHING together. No school for OS tomorrow. I think that makes 8 days this year. I am sure I will get a letter soon. I think at 10 days they could or do call DFS which is sucky, but all but 1 of his absences was related to sickness. I'm not concerned, it just seems like a hassle.

Stupid viruses. But thank God for that rash or he probably would be suffering another day. :(

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