Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Viruses, allergies, ear infections

Finally! It's actually going to be like 50 degrees here today. I'm feeling those stirrings of movement and change inside....I feel like I need to be up moving more and am wanting change. I don't know if that's because I REALLY need to lose like 80 lbs or what. The sun is actually shining and I feel like being outside. Of course, it could be because we've been cooped inside this house for the last week with too many viruses!!

I just took my 2.5 yo daughter to the Dr yesterday because of the Petechiae I found on her thighs and abdomen. She's had this happen before, but it was up near her face and neck. I wasn't too concerned, to be honest, because I figured it had to do with the cold she has. (hello, Virus??!) but the Dr insisted I bring her in, which I did. Then we went and had her blood drawn. Her platelet count came back fine. He's not sure why this happens to her but it could be virus related. Who knows? But I am glad I took her in because she ended up having an ear infection anyway! She's allergic to Amox, so we are Zythromax.

We had taken our oldest son (7.5) into the Dr last week because of his cough etc and was told, VIRUS. ::shrugging:: I hate that. I am happy though that we have an insurance that has ZERO copays for the kids up until age 18. 2 years ago we had insurance that the copays were $25 a pop. We have 4 kids and that was a year where all of them were constantly at the Dr or ER. $1200 later....So no copays *unless they see a specialist* is FANTASTIC.

My 2nd oldest son (6.5, yes, they are only 13 months apart) was home from school yesterday with a belly ache and a fever, that was more low grade. By the afternoon, he was running around. So, the mean mommy that I am, sent him to school today, even though he swears his belly hurts. I told him to go to the nurse if he got sick. They only have a half day anyway... it's 11am and no call yet. :)

So then we have my 3rd son, who will be 5 next month, who has allergies to milk, wheat, strawberries and oats. The nurse at the school called today (since I registered him for the Fall for Kindergarten) and was asking me all about it. He has a contact reaction with oats. He did for a bit with wheat, too, along with a physical reaction. (diarrhea) We are going back to see the allergist in a month to reevaluate. I wanted to make sure I had all of that down before he goes to school in the Fall. There are so many allergies! I didn't even have him tested for the outside stuff. The oldest is allergic to SOOO many outside and indoor things. He's miserable come Spring time.

I have a hard time keeping track of all of this, I'm gonna be honest. It's a lot! Anyway, I will be so glad when we are done with all of the sniffling, scratchy throats and coughs!

ETA: well, here it is 45 mins later and I just got a phone call to pick my 6.5 yo up. He's got a normal temp, but says his stomach hurts. *sigh* So he's home now and I've made him try and poop. lol. He said it's been a few days....hopefully this helps because I don't know what else it could be. 

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