Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is one side of the front of the house. Don't mind Santa who is still on my porch....

This weather has been so Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde type! At least today it will be 70 degrees and sunny!!

I've got so much stuff to do. I need to get the rest of my potting soil and top soil and fill in the landscaping in the front. I'm hoping to dig up some of the bushes and put in flowers or other things. I REALLY want spiral bushes.

There's a few people in my neighborhood that have THESE and they are BEAUTIFUL. I am NOT a good landscaper... I know what I like, but I don't know what goes where etc  etc. My instinct is just to pick out the pretty multi-colored flowers/tulips, etc that I like and throw the seeds into the soil and pack them down and wait for them to grow. lol. Then I'd get disappointed when they wouldn't grow in the shaded half of my flowerbed. lol.
See below:
This was taken in late afternoon, I think

No sun on that part...
See, sun on this part of it...

Does anyone else HATE how you put pics on blogger? I HATE how they have this set up. It drives me nuts! I want to be able to place pics WHEREVER, as in side by side, if I want. Rather than right, left or center. :( Guh. It drives. me. nuts. somedays.

Oh yeah, back to my landscaping issues... I love daisies, lillies, tulips and all different colored flowers. I think I am going to take those bushes out on that 3rd picture. I may plant spiral trees there or 1 spiral tree/bush there. On the other ones...I'd love to plant flowers there. Like these:
Claudia Tulips!

Yes! They actually have MY name. lol. I think they are GORGEOUS. In fact, I bought some on clearance last year at Home Depot (aka HD) at the end of the season. I'm itching to plant them. Unfortunately, there's a tree in our yard and the other day I went over to look at the ground to see if that would be a perfect spot, (cuz I think it would) and when I moved a rock, millions of ants were crawling around...blech. So DH sprayed all around to hopefully kill some of the ants. I didn't want them eating the bulbs....

I'm open for any suggestions on what to plant etc. I know my landscaping won't look "uniformed" as obviously one side is complete rock and I'm not digging all of that up right now! lol.

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