Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Well! Today is Good Friday and we are experiencing major storms once again. We had hail the other night. CRAZY stuff. Tornadoes touched down etc etc.

Today we are in for the same thing. It is PITCH BLACK outside.
FUN! But at least today I got to get a free Starbucks Iced Coffee. It's Earth Day and they are giving out free coffee, iced coffee, iced tea, or brewed tea in one of their mugs (you buy) or one of your reusable mugs.

Don't mind the messy desk. :) I'm buzzing here from this STRONG coffee so after I'm done here, I will be buzzing around the house cleaning since that's what this weather is allowing for. :p

I've been busy with Dr appts and such this week so I haven't been able to do half of what I wanted to. I'm hoping to get my baby girl's dresser painted white today. It's in the garage and ready to go. This weather is HORRIBLE. I'd love to stay in bed and watch TV and junk all day, but that's not happening.

The kids are off of school and I'm guessing by 1pm all hell is gonna break loose. Being cooped up inside is NO fun for anyone, unless you are childless and have a SO that you can spend all day in bed with. haha!

I'm sure I will be back later.

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