Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buh Bye Muffin Top

Eta: I got to thinking after I linked this to this Linky Party that people might click on this and think this was a Before and After. I assure you, it's not! lol. It's a BEFORE.  In one year I will post the AFTER. lol.

I've decided that I HAVE to get back into doing WW. So I think today and tomorrow I am going to get back into the swing of things with tracking, drinking water, etc and then on Friday go weigh in. If I blog it, I must do it. Right?

Troy mentioned last night that I should try out for Biggest Loser. I said, I could do that, but that would mean that I would be gone for a long time. He seemed to rethink that and said, well, maybe you can just go running around here while we are in school all day. He was so sweet about it, it brought tears to my eyes.  I know he said that one of the kids at school told him I was fat. Hunter got really upset about that (that a kid would say that about me). But the kid was right. Is right.  It makes me wonder how my being upset about my looks affects them. Here I preach to them about how being different or fat or tall or short is NOT what matters, but yet, I am giving off the message that it actually does.

There are some days where it's REALLY bad. Like when you are supposed to be going somewhere and you want to look nice, but everything you try on doesn't look right or fit right. Then you start throwing clothes around your closet, your room, your bathroom. What? You don't do that? PUH LEASE. The frustration hits an all time high and you think, I don't want to go to this stupid event anyway. Then you consider staying home so you don't have to feel or look as uncomfortable as you are.... so you go, feeling like a fat slob, and smile the whole time when the truth is, on the inside, you are counting the minutes down so you can leave or praying that no one notices how your stomach is hanging over your jeans or that you look 5 months pregnant and you aren't....
Not mine (mine is MUCH bigger)...but you get the idea.
The truth, for me is that:
  • it is HARD to lose weight when you have 4 kids, a husband, and a house to take care of.
  • It's hard for me to take care of me when I have 5 other people to take care of. 
  • It's easier to grab a granola bar or rice krispie treat or something CONVENIENT. 
  • Same with the frozen meals. 
  • I can make excuses because I have 5 people to back me up. ;)
  • I'm just not consistent.
 However, it's great that I get out of the house twice a week to go workout with my trainer. I am VERY grateful to my husband for that. Although, there are/were months where I am not or have not been consistent with him either.

So that's where I am at the moment and I hope to be in a better place soon. I'm setting short term goals because looking at the big picture can be overwhelming. It's the same way with dealing with the housework...



Nancy said...

Found you on NJAH... I hear you! We all go through this. Right now, I AM 5 months prego, and I love flaunting my belly (and my toddler loves it too!) but after the baby comes, that belly won't be so much fun. I have done WW a bunch of times, and I love the program. However, recently, I have been thinking that it is being healthy, not thin, that is really attractive. I used to use that 0 calorie butter spray to lose weight, until I thought, what kind of nastiness is in that stuff to make it 0 calories? And should I really be EATING that stuff? What has helped is getting rid of my "skinny" clothes, and buying things that fit me well and flatter my curvy figure. After this pregnancy, if I do go back to WW, it will be with health in mind rather than quick weight loss. I simply like their guidelines for portion control, water, exercise, etc.

Anyway, just to say, I definitely have been where you are, and probably will be there again after baby comes. Glad to know we are not alone in this, and that so many others struggle with the fact that the inside and outside don't always match.


The Wille's said...

After my first child, I had gained 40 pounds and didn't loose any of it- It was a hard year for me. I remember doing all those things you talk about!! (Still do sometimes!) But like Nancy said above, I learned that it is being healthy that is the important thing- I also tell myself you only live once so you don't miss out on everything! I firmly believe that we are supposed to be different and there isn't a one size fit's all approach no matter how much the media or since tells us there is! We are women who work hard giving are all to our families and we need to be healthy- not model skinny!

I have never tried WW but I have friends that do it! Good luck!! Thanks for sharing your story- it's nice to know that other people have the same struggles as you!

Stacy said...

I think most of us struggle with this. I will be really good at exercising for 2 months and see zero results so I give up for about 6 months. Then I catch a glimpse of me naked in the long mirror and thing "I have got to try again..." Thanks for linking up!!!

Krystina said...

You took the words right outta my mouth! I have the same issues with weight and my excuses. 3 kids for me, but it's the same thing I deal with. I am your newest follower! P.S. I am about to start WW (again) too. :)

Kira said...

Found your post through NJAH~ thanks for being so real. I've had four kids too and I totally hear you on how hard it is to exercise and eat right when you have so many little people vying for your time. When I have a quiet moment, the last thing I want to do is exercise.

Good luck~ I'm right there with ya!

Jos @ Organized Chaos said...

Found you via NJAH. Thank you for sharing what all of us want to say. I struggle with weight loss, and have about 100 lbs to go. I have lost 20 (on a good day)'s taking a L-O-N-G time and a lot of work to get it off. Feel free to stop by my blog to see how much we might have in common! I'm reading a REALLY great book called "Made to Crave," and it has changed my mindset like no other resource has. Thanks for this post. :-)

Christine @ said...

Oh, I like this post! My horse died last month (she was the 4 legged love of my life!) and I got the flu soon after. Since then I have been a blosted mess! It is so frustrating!!! I totally understand what you have written.

Donna Cox said...

Thanks for being open and honest! I also need to lose weight - 100 pounds according to my doctor. I have been thinking about doing weight watchers online. Look forward to "getting to know you better".

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

I, too, found you through NJAH.....loved your post and your honesty. I've been up and down in the weight thing....I'm just a serious 'craver'. It's a vicious cycle. I think probably I'm a compulsive eater. Only about 20lbs. overweight right now, but it's always just a few days between that and being 50lbs over for me. Anyway, thanks for the post.

laxsupermom said...

Great post! I think this is something we all struggle with. Both the weight itself as well as the fear that we're passing on unhealthy messages about weight and everything else. My downfall is finishing my kids meals. I just can't stand to toss food, and I find myself cleaning off their plates. Thanks for sharing your journey.