Monday, October 10, 2011

What?! It's been HOW long?

I can't believe it (AGAIN). I have been meaning to update my blog and then LIFE happens. I have pictures, recipes, stories, etc to post about that have been pushed aside....You may get hit with a few today. :) I have a few minutes to spare. Well, not really, if you saw my dining room table that is covered in clothes, you may think I should be taking care of that instead. Part of me agrees. :)

What's been going on? Kids' school, PSR classes (Public/Parish School Religion), family events, funerals, Doctor appts for the inlaws, etc etc etc. Homework, staining the deck (still! We had a few boughts of rain) I recently came out from underneath my huge pile of laundry. That lasted for a week or 10 days. Now it is right back where it was. We celebrated our oldest son's 8th birthday in between all of this. Been on again, off again with WW. *Surprise* Had a few girls' nights out with the girls. Made a pillowcase dress for my daughter, removed the shower drain, bought a new one, installed it, complete with putty and all, glue the tile down in the kids' bathroom that is coming up near the tub, made a few pieces of wall art (pics to follow) etc etc.

No judging please. It's just my reality.  

I gave myself a crown for the messiest room of the day. The clothes ARE clean. I don't need to be on the Messiest Homes show or Hoarders, I promise. 6 people=massive amounts  of clothes. I can only fold and put away so fast. (oh and don't mind the deer head in the corner on the left. I keep telling the Hubs that if he doesn't get rid of it and put it in the basement, it is G O N E. Who wants to eat in a room with that staring at you? Not me. HA!) I am started fresh again. One of my friends from grade school's dad died Saturday night. He had lost his mom when we were in 6th grade. She died from breast cancer. He is married and has a daughter now and I just can't imagine how hard all of this must be on him. I have been through some pretty shitty stuff in my life, but this would be H A R D. My dad lost his best friend last week to pancreatic cancer. We had the service on Friday. My dad did the service since he is a deacon and his friend requested it. Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my best friend's dad's death. He, too, died from cancer. Cancer sucks, peeps. It really really does.

On a lighter note: I have started my Buffalo Chicken Pasta in the crockpot. YUM. The plan is to use my crockpot 5x this week. Can I do it? I THINK I can. I hope I do. It makes life easier. lol.

Plan for the day:
  1. clean the kitchen
  2. tackle the mounds of laundry
  3. clean the loft
  4. work on my blog
  5. finish the damn Buzz Book for the kids' school.
  6. drink water water water

I will either drown today in water or smother under the piles of laundry. You may not hear back from me for a month. lol. JUST KIDDING. But here is a pile that is NOT clean. :) That will need to be done today, too. :( 

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