Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Catch-All, computer, craft room...

So... we recently bought a house and moved in in September 2010. I am a complete freak about having things be "finished" looking or...well, ok, I don't always finish stuff I start working on. I get distracted, I do have 4 kids and a husband after all.

Anyway, our house was painted the same color EVERYWHERE. I can NOT deal with that. I immediately started painting. ::shuddering:: BUT. I HATE heights. I am scared to death and I literally can have panic attacks, so of course, the trim at the ceiling is always the last thing I do and I don't do it very good at all. lol.

It has 2 beautiful french doors. This is the only pic I could find of the before for some reason. lol

It REALLY turned out pretty. This is just the one wall. lol. I'm just trying to decide what to do with the other walls...I sell Partylite, so maybe some sconces and more pictures? This room gets a lot of light because it's in the front of the house and it has 2 big windows in it....thoughts?

I will update at a future date with some current pics.

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