Monday, October 29, 2012

The Appliances Hate Me

This past week my cell, my oven and my hot water heater crapped out on me. Thank you to At&t who let me do an upgrade 3 months early. (Their suggestion, not mine). Can you believe it???

Then came the bad part.... we had 2 estimates done on Friday for the hot water heater. One company said $1150. Another company said $1000. I then called Lowe's and Lowe's said $820ish. HomeDepot said $950-1150. I screamed and then I screamed some more. I broke out in hives on my neck. NO joke. I was a mess. A MESS. What the fudge, people? In a matter of 7 days, I needed $2k. Fuuuuuddddddge.

Let me tell ya, google and youtube are.your.friends. I googled "oven won't heat up" and a few other little plays on that and basically it said it is USUALLY one of 3 things. The baking element, the control panel or the broiler element. Well, hubs had already said he thought it was the baking element. I called a local appliance place and they had a NEW baking element in stock. YES! $50? Ok! Sold. When I called Marcone's, they wanted $76 plus shipping.

We get home with the element, hubs takes the backing off the stove and we see burn marks on the insulation. Again, WTFudge???

 So we both looked at each other and thought oh crap, we are going to need a new stove. I called my notso generally handy around the house dad and he said no problem, probably can be fixed, I have done this before and had to pull back a few wires or what not.  I was seeing hope. Real hope.
This is the part that broke.

Hope was good. My dad came over today and said ours looked a lot better than his ever did. *insert angels singing* Within 15 mins he had replaced the baking element and the stove hit 350* in no time. *HUGE sigh of relief* (Can you feel the stress start to leave????)

This is it's $50 replacement. :)
Tools! Must have tools to remove it!

Do'nt mind the dirty oven, we cleaned it after we got this out. 
ETA: See those silver connetors? My dad accidentally dropped one in the trash can and we couldn't find it. Lowe's and HD carry a packet of like 16, for cheap. CHEAP. So hubs and dad ran over there really quickly and grabbed a pack. 

I have pics: will post them tomorrow. It was a bit scary as to what we saw on our stove and I want you to see it, too. Not going to lie, we were thinking that it was shot and that there was going to be some sort of electrical fire. Apparently, this is normal.

to be continued... (plus, I will need to tell you about the hot water heater)
ETA: Updated with pics!  Oven is clean and is working just in time for all of the holiday baking.

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