Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shredded Chicken Tacos

Last night I made Shredded Chicken Tacos. I will have to make them again as I didn't take pics of each step,etc. Today I took some of the leftovers and piled them on top of my cole slaw mix. It was plain mix, with no dressing or whatever on it. :wink:

I took about 8 chicken breasts and put them in my crockpot with some seasoning. I put some water (about 3c) and a bouillon cube in there with it. (This was in case I decided to make something else with the chicken) Turned it on HIGH and cooked for 5 hrs. When it was done, it FELL apart. FELL apart, peeps. I didn't have to "shred" much at all. I did have to drain some of the liquid though. I then used 2 packets of Taco seasoning and mixed it all in together.

Took a taco shell, put some cheese on the bottom and then the shredded chicken on top. Oh...yeah, I did add a little bit of sour cream, too. I was out of salsa. :(

Even DH liked these and he is NOT a chicken kind of guy. He LOVES his beef. Seriously. Loves. Beef. He even had some today for lunch! That is the real test of whether or not it was good. Lol.

If I still have some left over, I will post a pic with the cole slaw mix. It is YUMMMMY.

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