Monday, April 2, 2012

3 months sabbatical?

Yummmy. Can you tell it's lunch time? This is just one of the recipes I made in the last couple of months that I am going to post about. Wait until you see the finished pic. ;) 

::smh:: wow, a 3 month sabbatical? I have thought about blogging, but haven't gotten around to it. oops. :(

Since the beginning of the year, we have done a few things. Added a new kitchen light, took an old one down, painted my baby girl's room, hung a few pics, planted a few flowers, had a few pics taken, etc etc. ;) I hope I can get a few posts in this week to catch up on the last 3 months and my projects.

Oh and one project, eh hem, myself, hasn't really changed. Although I did buy a package of 10 workouts with my former trainer. So...I guess that is a new-old thing. Of course, it's a new month so a new start to my constant struggle with weight loss. More on that later....

For now, a sneak peek:

The Princess Room. Well, part of it.

Sneak peak for St Patty's day.

Part of the light fixture in the kitchen. One of those damn fluorescent ones.

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