Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Eve

We had a great time at home last night. We had an indoor snowball fight, we built a fort, watched movies and had a Wii dance off with Just Dance 2. GOOD TIMES. lol. Of course, Hubby passed out right before midnight, but 3 of the kids were still awake at midnight. They finally passed out before 12:15 am though. Geesh! But we heard alot of fireworks so that didn't help. ;)

How cool is this? Santa brought it for the kids this year. I have realized after TRYING to put this up last night, that I am MUCH better at making forts out of snow. My inside fort was not. so. good. FAIL. lol. But my kids loved it and weren't critical of it, so I guess that's really all that matters.

The indoor snowball kit is THE BEST. My kids asked to do it again today. So we did. I am going to see if I can find more snowballs to add to it. Six snowballs really only allows each of us one to start. :)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years Eve!

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